Modern. Easy. Completed.
These are the three words that best describe a ucademy emergency course. Modern; the use of the latest technology. Easy; the handling, the comprehensibility and the content presentation. Completed; The complete package, from registration to ID.

Why an ucademy emergency course?

– Best price / performance ratio
– Better image thanks to the latest technologies
– Environmentally friendly

– High ease of use
– Labor savings through automated processes
– Measurable learning success

– Motivating course with wow effect
– Understandable content
– Best price / performance ratio

The student can register , postpone or cancel the course online. This saves the course provider administrative work and time.

Before and after each course module, the student answers questions on his smartphone. Thus, the learning success of each participant can be measured. The answers are saved and can also be analyzed during the course.

In addition to the practical group exercises and interactive exercises are performed on the smartphone.

Virtual Reality
The participant experiences the entire course content in virtual reality. At regular intervals, he must answer questions and prove his knowledge.

Augmented Reality
For the visual support of certain exercises Augmented Reality is used. This new technology helps the user to understand complicated issues better.

Web application
– Course administration
– Instructor administration
– Course registration
– Automated invoices
– Content Management
– Statistics for driving schools and instructors

Mobile App
– Virtual Reality Integration
– Augmented Reality Integration
– 360Video with questions and answers
– 360Photo with questions and answers
– SCORM Integration
– Course content download
– Login coupled with the registration
– Result check