Welcome to GS CRM, a powerful ERP platform developed exclusively for our esteemed client, Global Sana. With GS CRM, Global Sana revolutionizes their appointment management process, providing a seamless experience for both their super admins, backoffice users, and consultants.

At its core, GS CRM is a dynamic web application designed to centralize and optimize the management of client appointments. Super admins wield the power to access comprehensive reports and invaluable data, offering them unparalleled insights into the company’s performance.

Backoffice users play a vital role in the appointment allocation process. With an interactive map interface, they can effortlessly assign appointments to consultants, ensuring efficient resource allocation. Moreover, backoffice users can confirm contracts, facilitate seamless communication, and maintain a streamlined workflow.

Consultants, equipped with an intuitive interactive calendar, have a bird’s-eye view of their appointments. They can effortlessly manage their schedules, add valuable feedback after each appointment, and generate essential documents such as contracts, reminders, and leads. GS CRM empowers consultants to stay organized and focused, enabling them to provide top-notch service to valued clients.

Key Features of GS CRM:

1. Centralized Appointment Management: GS CRM consolidates all appointments, creating a centralized hub for efficient scheduling and allocation.
2. Super Admin Insights: Super admins gain comprehensive visibility into reports and data, allowing them to make informed decisions and drive growth.
3. Interactive Map Interface: Backoffice users utilize an intuitive map interface to assign appointments, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing productivity.
4. Streamlined Communication: GS CRM facilitates seamless communication between backoffice users, consultants, and clients, fostering strong client relationships.
5. Interactive Calendar: Consultants manage their schedules effortlessly with an interactive calendar, ensuring they are always prepared and organized.
6. Valuable Feedback System: Consultants can provide valuable feedback after each appointment, fostering continuous improvement and client satisfaction.
7. Document Generation: Generate essential documents such as contracts, reminders, and leads within the GS CRM platform, saving time and effort.

At GS CRM, our mission is to empower Global Sana and their dedicated team to enhance productivity, optimize workflows, and deliver exceptional service to their valued clients. Experience the power of GS CRM and revolutionize your appointment management process. Get started today and unlock the potential for growth and success in your business.