Meet our team

Roman Fritschi

Chief Executive Officer

Rinor Dreshaj

Head of Development

Chantale Hegi

Chief Financial Officer

Bettina Dutler

Business Development

Fabian Ruf

Project Management

Denis Bujupaj

UI / UX Designer

Betto Idrizi

UI / UX Designer

Donart Selimi

UI / UX Designer

Edrin Idrizaj

Graphic Designer

Gaz Dermaku

Graphic Designer

Berat Hoxha

Mobile Developer

Diamant Kolshi

Mobile Developer

Mensur Latifi

Mobile Developer

Korab Dragidella

Mobile Developer

Arif Arifi

Mobile Developer

Egzon Pllana

Mobile Developer

Florent Spahiu

Mobile Developer

Durim Jusaj

Backend Developer

Jetmir Avdullahu

Backend Developer

Durim Rexhaj

Backend Developer

Driton Alija

Fullstack Developer

Florijan Ibraimi

Backend Developer

Rinor Haziri

Frontend Developer

Fisnik Asllani

Frontend Developer

Florika Qerimi

Frontend Developer

Dren Sylejmani

Frontend Developer


Motivation & Inspiration


Our Partner

We make apps.
With passion.

We work dynamically, modern and are driven by the passion and challenge in the development of digital solutions for and with our customers. Our goal is to perfect the interplay of design, usability and technology. We work closely with our customers and partners to inspire, motivate, challenge and promote together.

Our Services

We know how.

Concept & Consulting

Collectively identify, specify, prioritize, improve and define.


We design optimal user experiences and test them with real users.


With state-of-the-art technologies for optimum performance and efficiency.

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With our partners we can supplement further solutions for the project.

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